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September 11th, 2006

NEW STUFF!! @ 12:37 pm

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Busy busy lately with making new stuff. I have been trying to get out to some of the places in Houston that will let me sell jewelry while hanging out, listening to live music and otherwise having a generally good time. Went Friday night and made $40.00 even though there were not very many people out there that night at all. Planning to go again this week a couple of times, as I am desperately needing money. Here are a few new things....



August 12th, 2006

new necklaces @ 12:17 pm

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i have been busy making jewelry. trying to stockpile a large selection for selling. my mom found a consignment shop in brenham that is very affordable to rent a booth. we are going to go look at it together soon and i really think this would be a great place because of all the traffic that area of town gets from visitors from all over the place. especially during the big antique weekends they have in this area where people come from all over the world to buy antiques! then they browse the other shops too....we shall see.

here is some of my latest stuff:


August 8th, 2006

first community post! yay! @ 08:34 pm

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i am excited! i just made my first post to an LJ community with some beads for sale! in addition i had some luck with necklace sales this weekend and i plan to research more into the possibilities of putting things on consignment in various stores in houston. plus i had a good time just sitting up at helios with my stuff for sale and hanging out meeting new people! that is always fun and interesting, plus has the potential to either make you some money or get you some exposure at least, at the same time. orders are coming in too and it's all very exciting! i have fantasies of making beads and jewelry as my full time job one day! : )

and....because i am forever playing in photoshop just trying to learn how to use photoshop....i made this beautiful collage of my stuffs:

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August 2nd, 2006

PAPER BEADS @ 09:50 pm

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When I was a kid I loved to rummage through the attic! There seemed to be an endless supply of cool things to find up there. My parents had tons of stuff stored up there, and it seemed like every treasure was a story of the past. One day when I was about 11 or 12 years old, i found these long strands of huge beads. Upon further investigation I realized these beads were made of paper!!! I was amazed and curious since I had never seen such a thing, so I asked my dad and he said he had started making one of those beaded door curtains back in the 70's, but never finished it...so there they were, these big rolled paper beads, and i thought to myself, "what a cool idea! I wonder if I could do that?" so I started trying. I really wanted to make the beads small enough to wear on a necklace. So I practiced and practiced...the first several attempts resulted in some very long skinny awkward things that insisted on unrolling during the glue drying phase...but I suppose I kept trying, until eventually I was doing it..and they were awesome!

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Literally many years went by with me thinking I had pretty much made up the entire concept of a paper bead small enough to wear in jewelry....imagine my dismay...when I found a book for sale on ebay called "How to Make Paper Beads" ?!?!?! oh, i was bent outta shape! haha! Oh well...they are still pretty unique...not many people bother with the intricate work of rolling and glueing and drying and clear coating...it's a pretty long process to get one bead! I have recently started making some cylinder shaped ones that I paint and then clear coat. These are really nice!

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I just recently started to sell the paper beads. At first I didn't have any idea how much to charge for such a thing and I was more or less giving them away! Then I realized it took way too much time and work to mess with that, so I raised the price some. People who can appreciate the time and effort don't mind paying what they are worth...they look really nice when mixed with other beads and spacers and charms and stuff. Not to mention the jewelry makes a great conversation piece...whenever people compliment something I'm wearing and I mention that the beads are paper they are like "WHAT?? NO WAY!!" heehee!

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Infinite Imagination on LJ - YAY!! @ 12:16 pm

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I am very excited about my new livejournal for my jewelry! A million thanks to znuage_etsy for the suggestion! Now I can join communities and hopefully meet some fellow crafty folks, and ramble on about beading and such! Plus I can hopefully stir up some traffic to my regular website too!

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Yes, very very exciting!